More About Stern

INTP introvert FTW…

Here, there is much to discuss. There is much to read. There is much to listen to. If you need to see exposed flesh and hear giggling you have a whole internet to oblige you. If you need ME you have only one option.

I show myself as much as you deserve, which is rarely.  And I show off gifts and tributes almost never. You collectively create a foundation for my comfort, but I am not dependent on you. I am not impressed with money in itself and I reject a lot of capitalism’s shiny mindwashing.

Because your money has no power over me, I am amused by it, occupied with it,  reckless with it, bored with it, experimental with it, liable to treat is as garbage or as gift depending on what you and I establish and do best.

Because your money has no power over me, this also doesn’t mean that I refrain from wanting as much of it as I can possibly accumulate. I deserve this power and I own this power. You will obsess over the idea of my dragonlike hoarding, contemplate my gold.

What happens in Vegas…

No shade: I love the glimpses of taste and sensual joys that my Sisters in the fetish share, but that’s not my jam. I don’t share as a matter of habit. I share on a whim, or if the understandings between us foster these games. If you are particularly oriented toward discretion, I am probably the right One for you. Greymail mindfuckery is sexy, teamviewer is gross.

What DO you like?

I shop the farmer’s market. I like nice comfortable things to wear, and I like extreme fetish articles when I don’t care about being comfortable. I am an artist. I move about my world in paint spattered jeans as often as not. I take joy in my freedom more than anything, in my control of my own interests and passions, from minute to breathing minute. I enslave you to liberate myself.