Humiliation Audio – Humiliated at the Office

One of the gifts that time and life experience have given me is that placid and beautiful vista of having no fucks to give. Now – (minor digression) don’t be tempted to conflate not a fuck given and apathy or ignorance.  No fucks to give is always conscious, never accidental. But if it’s overly conscious, it becomes the massive and vulnerable “obviously you give all [ . . . ]

Fresh Starts: Let’s play a game.

THE GAYCADEMY GAMES – A NITEFLIRT MP3 GAME EXPERIENCE You NEED this scintillating audio tease, pervert strokers! My voice has never gone for the jugular of your boner as relentlessly or as effectively. Kiss your delusions of heterosexuality buh-bye as you register for THE GAMES.  The net is cast WIDE – many will dabble but YOU will get GOLD and succumb to the thrilling END. [ . . . ]