Fresh Starts: Let’s play a game.


You NEED this scintillating audio tease, pervert strokers! My voice has never gone for the jugular of your boner as relentlessly or as effectively. Kiss your delusions of heterosexuality buh-bye as you register for THE GAMES.  The net is cast WIDE – many will dabble but YOU will get GOLD and succumb to the thrilling END.

games - Copy

You’ll be tempted to push ahead and on the edge of….well….edge would be the word.

What are you waiting for dummy, click and click!

  1. The GAYMES are only available using Niteflirt and using the old-school PTV’s at this time. The goodies system doesn’t lend itself to this steamy dreamy format.
  2. If you want to play you have to register, duh.  REGISTER NOW
  3. Many will enter FEW will take the Gold. You want to take GOLD.
  4. This is fun, light, white hot, seductuve fuckery –  not as much my trademark realism. There’ll be more of that soon, but you want everything I do.

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